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Before you start your online quote...
Throughout the quote form we have provided guidance in the form of 'Help Tips' which appear down the right hand side, and should be read in conjunction with the questions.

Some of the details we collect, such as motoring convictions are defined as sensitive under Data Protection Law and by proceeding with this quote you are agreeing to these details being processed.

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Our Service

We provide a non advised sales service, this means we will provide you with sufficient information to enable you to make an informed decision on the purchase of your car insurance.

We will not make a formal recommendation for you, so please consider all information carefully to ensure the policy meets your requirements before you decide to proceed.


To provide you the policy holder with a quote we have made some assumptions about the drivers and the car. Please check our assumptions are accurate then tick the box to say you agree. Any errors may invalidate your insurance or future claims. If you cannot agree to any of these then call us on 0844 800 0615 or use our call me back form.

You and all drivers:
  • must be a permanent resident in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (we regret we cannot offer quotes for residents of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man)
  • have no criminal convictions, have never been refused insurance, had any special terms imposed or had a policy cancelled or declared void by an insurer
  • have never been declared bankrupt and have no County Court Judgements (CCJs) in the last 6 years
  • have no more than 5 motoring convictions, endorsements or fixed penalties in total, for all drivers, in the last 5 years
  • have no more than 5 accidents, claims, losses or damage in total, regardless of blame, for all drivers, in the last 5 years
  • have advised the DVLA / DVANI of any notifiable medical condition and the DVLA / DVANI have agreed to the issue of a licence
The car:
  • is not a Q plate
  • is kept at your home address overnight
  • has not been modified in any way from the vehicles manufacturers standard specification, such as suspension or brakes, cosmetic changes such as non standard paintwork or murals, or performance such as changes to the engine or exhaust system. Please be aware that this is not a full list of all possible changes
  • is not used for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward
  • is not used in connection with the motor trade
Your No Claims Discount:
  • was earned on a car policy in the UK in your own name, not on a company policy
  • is not being used on any other policy
  • has not expired more than 2 years ago

* required details


Car Selection

If you know the registration number of the car we will search DVLA records in order to find out the make, year, model and edition.

Don't worry if you don't know the registration number you will still be able to obtain an insurance quote; you will just need to select the car using drop down lists.


By entering the registration number and then clicking the "Find Car" button, we will search DVLA records to find the make, year, model and edition.

Car Details

The legal owner is the person who bought and paid for the car. It can be different from the registered keeper, which is the person named on the DVLA "V5C Registration Certificate" often referred to as the log book.


The registered keeper is the person named on the DVLA "V5C Registration Certificate" often referred to as the log book. The registered keeper may not actually be the legal owner of the car.


Please enter the date purchased or the date you are intending to purchase the car. If you do not know when you are collecting your car or have not yet decided to buy it then please tick "not yet".


Please estimate the current value of your car, this may not be the price you paid. This is the cost of replacing your car with another of the same make, model, age and being similar in mileage, condition and specification/level of equipment.

Please note that the value you quote is not necessarily the amount of payout your may receive in the event of a claim.

If your car is of high value, such as £100,000, please call us for a quote on 0844 800 0615 or on 01638 782875, as we may be able to offer you a special bespoke policy.


We can only insure cars of eight seats or less.

If the number of seats in your car has been modified you will need to call us on 0844 800 0615 or on 01638 782875 for a quote.

Car Security

If the car was fitted with an immobiliser as standard during manufacture, we have selected this for you. Please only amend if it is incorrect, no longer working or if you have fitted a better immobiliser.

If a Thatcham immobiliser has been professionally retro fitted to the car, a certificate will have been issued by the fitter. In the event of a claim an insurer may request the fitting certificate. If you do not have this certificate then you should select "Non Thatcham rated".


If a tracking device is fitted and it requires an annual or pre-pay subscription, then this must be current and maintained thoughout the duration of the policy.

If the subscription has or will expire and you are not planning on renewing it, then you should select "None".


If your car is kept at a different address to your home you will need to call us on 0844 800 0615 or on 01638 782875 for a quote.


If the car is used for travelling to work, then you should select where the car is kept at work.

If you do not have a job or the car is not used for work journeys, then you should select "Not regularly parked away from home". There is no need to tell us where it is parked during short domestic trips such as shopping.

If you are unsure of how to answer this question, please call us on 0844 800 0615 or on 01638 782875.

Policy Start Date

Please enter the date you would like your insurance to start.

You can get a quote for up to 12 months in advance, but you can only buy the policy within 30 days of when the policy is due to start. As we regularly update our prices, your quote can only be guaranteed at the time of purchase.

If you have not purchased the car yet, then please input the date you anticipate buying the car.

Help Tips

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