Our fees

Why do we charge fees?

We charge fees to cover the costs involved in setting up, servicing and cancelling a policy. This includes administration costs, printing and postage costs.

Details of our Fees

The figures below are the fees for our services only. Your insurer may also apply a premium for any amendments to your policy. Each fee is payable at the time of the transaction to which it relates.

The figures below are our service charges only. Amendments to your policy may result in an additional or return of premium being payable to your insurer.

Service Our Fee
Arranging your policy online £20
Arranging your policy via our call centre £12.50
Arranging your policy at renewal £20
Amendments to your policy made by you  
Add / amend an accident or convictions None
Amend vehicle securitys None
Amend day time / over night parkin None
Amend mileage None
Amend occupation None
Amend name / marital status None
Correct an error by one of our advisers None
All other amendments not listed above £25
Amendments to your policy made by us
Changes required because your disclosed policy information was incorrect, or we've not received information requested £30
Cancellation (after 14 days) if you take up alternative cover from Hastings Direct None
Cancellation (within 14 days) £25
Home (after 14 days) £35
Car (after 14 days) £45
Van (after 14 days) £45
Duplicate documentation  
Duplicate documentation £0
Failed payments  
Cheque £20
Direct Debit with Hastings Insurance Services Limited £20
Direct Debit with Close Premium Finance £30