Driving abroad

Taking your vehicle abroad - frequently asked questions

You'll need your Certificate of Motor Insurance and your policy document to prove you're insured to be able to drive in the EU. You can find both in MyAccount.

You also need to take your vehicle registration document (V5) to prove you own the vehicle and you must have a GB sticker on your vehicle and any trailer.

You'll also need a GB sticker on your vehicle and any trailer.

In some countries you'll need an international driving permit (IDP) Check if you need an IDP.

Will I need a GB sticker on my vehicle?

  • You could get fined if you don't display a GB sticker on your vehicle or trailer.
  • You'll need a GB sticker even if your number plate already has a GB or the EU symbol on it.
  • They're available from a variety of high street and online retailers, as well as departure points in the UK, and only cost a couple of pounds.

Will there be any changes to driving licences?

Potentially yes. You may need an international driving permit (IDP) in addition to your UK driving licence to drive in the EU and EEA countries if the current agreement changes. IDPs are issued by the Government. Find out more.

What happens if I'm driving with a trailer or caravan?

If you plan to take a commercial trailer weighing over 750kg or a non-commercial trailer weighing over 3,500kg, you must also register it with the Government before you can travel to, or through, most EU and EEA countries. Find out more about IDPs and how to get one.

If I have a Hastings Direct YouDrive policy, do I still need to share my driving data?

You'll still need to share your driving data with us if you plan to drive in the EU. If you're concerned about your mobile data usage, you don't need to have your mobile data turned on while driving to record your trips and you can also set up your app so it only sends us data when you reach a WiFi location. To do this, simply go into the app's settings, select 'preferences' and turn on 'upload trip data using WiFi only'. Please make sure your location services and Bluetooth are still switched on in your phone settings. You can revert back to the original settings at any time, simply follow the above steps again and turn off 'upload trip data via WiFi only'.

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We'll be updating this FAQ page as the situation changes, so make sure to check back here if you're planning on traveling abroad.

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